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Yarona FM

Yarona FM

Yarona FM

The Yarona FM manufacturer is POSITIVE, HIGH ENERGY, DANCE, URBAN, VIBRANT, INNOVATIVE and YOUTH. The station dirt the most up to date, latest songs first and encapsulates an downtown way of life underpinned by a food craving for achievement and a drive for development. Sporting the the majority of identifiable presenters in the online game today, Yarona FM basically Rocks! Just about all Day, All Night, All Week. The Yarona FM placement declaration, “Live The Music” is testament to this. Music is not just about all the station is concerning although. Great competitions, special offers, charitable organisation pursuits and various neighborhood destinations form part of the Yarona FM objective. The Station determines by itself with the “most up to date” and newest songs, appropriate and engaging talk and news articles focused towards Botswana’s city youth target audience. Yarona FM is the amusement specialist in Botswana, having started and taken part in several music shows, and being considered as the go-to Station for occasion advertising by local marketers. We also satisfaction ourself in articulating our audience’s important concerns of interest from a socio-economic, way of life, governmental and enjoyment level of view well and we all are well recognized for our special on air marketing promotions and competitions. All this is done to a enticing soundtrack of Hip-Hop, Kwaito, R&B and House music, magnificent station image resolution and great target audience relationships.

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