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WPEN The Fanatic 97.5 FM (US Only)

WPEN The Fanatic 97.5 FM (US Only)

WPEN The Fanatic 97.5 FM (US Only)

WPEN The Fanatic 97.5 FM (US Only)– is a games radio station in the United States covering sports news, dialogs and broadcasting of games occasions. It is marked as 97.5 The Fanatic and pretense sports news and talk. At first WPEN began broadcasting in 1949 as WTOA. They have changed the callsign and the configuration commonly until they changed to sports design in 2009. As of now they additionally rebranded themselves as 97.5 The Fanatic. They are accessible on 97.5 MHz FM frequencies and in HD group. Their HD2 channel offers established music and on HD3 channel you can tune in to Spanish contemporary hits.

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