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WLBC 104.1 FM

WLBC 104.1 FM

WLBC 104.1 FM

WLBC 104.1 FM is a FM radio station broadcasting on a recurrence of 104.1 MHz and situated in Muncie, Indiana. The WLBC call letters were initially utilized on its AM station at 1340kHz (the present day WXFN) and furthermore utilized as WLBC-TV Channel 49 preceding it wound up open TV slot WIPB during the 1970s. Its present arrangement is Hot A/C (Hot Adult Contemporary), highlighting a grown-up mix of the 90s, and today. During the 1970s WLBC-FM (beforehand WMUN) was one of the main Indiana FM stations with a contemporary hit arrangement rivaling crosstown AM daytimer WERK (presently a FM station) which at first utilized the “Strong Gold” mechanized hit music bundle created by Drake-Chenault Enterprises while WLBC-AM circulated conventional widely appealing programming.With the online directory at All Live Radio, you can search through thousands of radio stations by country, by genre or even by DJ names to find stations that you may want to listen to.

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