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Thr Gegar

Thr Gegar

Thr Gegar

Thr Gegar Founded at 20th April, 2000 is the 2nd most famous radio station of Malaysia has slowly became one of those radio stations that has become associated as an online radio to its audience. The multi-cultured Malaysians have got fever to radio and Thr Gegar has utilised that behavior of their people to make a radio that is known for its powerful radio presentation.Its amongst few of those stations which along with giving exciting and relaxing musical experience of no match to other Malaysian radio station is also well-known for its an array of info for the music lovers. its loves to have their fans to participate in the development of the playlists and programs. Their efforts of being connected with fans have paid off when they are now getting more than 1.6 millions of loyal listeners which on a fast growing path.

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