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Široki Brijeg

Široki Brijeg

Široki Brijeg

Radio Siroki Brijeg was established on April 10, 1992. From a little radio in the early long periods of his life, program plans with possess creation program of just a couple of hours daily and perceptible just in parts of the district Siroki, RSB now communicates 24 hours daily claim program, of which up to 15 hours (7-22) talking part . The program communicates on three unique frequencies – 92.7, 93.1 and 102.3 MHz – with capable of being heard in the territory of West, Herzegovina-Neretva and of HBC, and through the Internet (spilling) can be heard in the entire world. The entire day program makes and executes twelve full-time representatives of columnists, administrators and experts, with the help of a bunch of partners, and in the closer view are open telephone ins from audience members, detailing live and, obviously, the music, the day by day unique communicates. Radio Siroki Brijeg is situated in the working of the Croatian Cultural Center, the Square, Gojko Susak, in the plain focus of Siroki Brijeg.

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