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RB1-Radio Botswana

RB1-Radio Botswana

RB1-Radio Botswana

RB1-Radio Botswana founded a newsroom in the earlier 1970’s and the quantity news programs were improved from one to four a day. Today, programs are available every single hour. The station is developed up of two sections, namely Culture and Entertainment and News and Current Issues. The News and Present Affairs shows such as Around-the-World-Today. Newsreel and the Early morning Show are mostly composed of local present matters issues. Around-the-World-Today, on the additional hand, functions worldwide present matters. The Tradition and Amusement Section of RB 1 is dependable for the general programs and features social themes, music and drama. Most of the programs are developed to educate the public, specifically about govt programs, but also to amuse.

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