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Radio Olive 106.3

Radio Olive 106.3

Radio Olive 106.3

Radio Olive 106.3 FM has made a development in the historical backdrop of this country by being the principal private Hindi FM station to be broadcast from the State of Qatar. With the best of On-Air abilities and generation groups on board, Radio Olive expects to give the best of data, music, and amusement to the diaspora from the Indian Sub-Continent. With a crowd of people of more than 1.6 million audience members and watchers that keeps on developing, Olive Suno Radio Network alongside its two stations – Radio Olive and Suno FM enables offices to achieve most extreme target reach because of their best level radio arrangements that consistently incorporate with the separate programming. It’s an easy decision, along these lines, that Radio Olive has turned into the goal for radio fans, brands and publicists from the State of Qatar to meet up as one.

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