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Radio Killid

Radio Killid

Radio Killid

TKG works the Radio Killid Network with local stations in Kabul, Mazar, Kandahar, Jelalabad,Ghazni, Khost, Herat, Nimroz, Kunduz and Baghlan. In 2010 TKG powered Afghanistan’s first radio station dedicated to Rock “n” Roll. The Radio Killid Network’s exciting mix of open administration organized programming (social, political, formative and instructive projects), news, amusement and music defines a great many audience members and a substantial number of its unique projects and open government declarations are imparted to other, littler and monetarily strapped, group radio stations all through provincial Afghanistan. In a domain where the media was in the past controlled by the state, smothered or non-existent past downtown regions, the development of TKG amid Afghanistan’s basic move from war to peacefulness has served as an important reference for every one of those dedicated to building a serene and open community.

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