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Radio Corazón 95.5

Radio Corazón 95.5

Radio Corazón 95.5

The musical crew La Renga will come back to the record arrange following four years of quietness with “Canibalismo Galáctico”, a collection that will be discharged toward the year’s end and which will be formally displayed in Rosario. On its official site, the ground-breaking trio made by Gustavo “Chizzo” poli (lead voice and electric guitar), Gabriel “Teté” Iglesias (bass) and Tanque (drums), reported that the show will happen on December 18 at the Municipal Park of Alem Park in the city of Santa Fe. It is a similar space where the gathering local of Mataderos met 18 thousand Persians in their last show in the city, on December 15, 2007. The last studio record recorded by La Renga, or those with the best intensity of bring in the nation, it was “Truenotierra” (2006), and later a DVD that recorded all the intensity of its live shows was designated “In the eye of the storm.” “The melody of the fallen angel and passing”, “The revelde “,” The delicacy of frenzy “and” Triste love de love “are a portion of the works of art of this trio framed in 1988.

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