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Radio Brač

Radio Brač

Radio Brač

The RADIO BRAČA program is communicated 24 hours per day, and transmitters (91.8 and 102.7 and 106.0 FM) cover the Dalmatian islands, the seaside region of ​​Biograd and Dalmatian Zagor to Dubrovnik. Our radio can likewise be found on the Internet. From 1987 until today, the fame of RADIO BRAČ is the aftereffect of the unmistakable nature of the music program (shake, blues, jazz, reggae, soul, “belcanto music”, dalmatian klapa …) consistently, and in every case new day by day topics from a wide range of lives, and because of the immediate incorporation of Voice of America and Deutsche Welle (DW), Radio Net. you will dependably be all around educated what’s going on in Europe and on the planet.

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