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PBS-FM - FM 106.7

PBS-FM – FM 106.7

PBS-FM - FM 106.7

About PBS Home of minimal heard music Community telecaster PBS 106.7FM is a symbol of Melbourne’s extraordinary music and expressions network. Since 1979, PBS has s been a key supplier of autonomous and various music. With more than 80 authority music programs running from soul to carport to nation to jazz, PBS is committed to advancing and supporting music in the entirety of its decent variety. From our humble inward city studios, we communicated 24 hours every day to the more extensive metropolitan region of Melbourne and past and stream live to whatever remains of the world by means of the web. As a station, we are submitted to:
 the improvement of Melbourne’s understanding and energy about free music in the entirety of its assorted variety playing an expansive scope of melodic types supporting the advancement of new structures and styles of music 
PBS matters since we bolster performers and craftsmen starting from the earliest stage

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