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LocActiva Radio

LocActiva Radio is a young radio task made entirely for the exercising of anyone who is prepared to listen to get positive power.A musical radio and amusement project, developed specifically for the public of Castilla la Mancha. Under the way of JM Navarro, announcer, publicist, DJ and communicator of stature in the local community and with the marriage of important professionals of the nationwide dance radio. Producers, DJs, announcers and collaborators capable of performing a dynamic, fresh, agile, fun, enjoyable and very careful high quality development in each of the slots. Presently Locactiva Radio is a standard of young and self-employed radio in Castilla La Mancha, with a development based on quality at the time of generating each of its programs, jingles, image, marketing spots, locutions etc ..
We are confident that no local, regional or nationwide media can provide you the same or similar programming.

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