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Huon FM - FM 95.3

Huon FM – FM 95.3

Huon FM - FM 95.3

Huon FM – FM 95.3 was built up to give a voice to the young of the Geeveston territory in 1979. Origilly called 7RGY (Regiol Geeveston Youth) the station before long developed to wind up a dynamic and feasible voice for the entire of the Huon Valley and Channel territories of southern Tasmania. The station was the brainchild of an instructor at the Geeveston District High School, Peter Johnston. He saw a school radio station as an important and illuminating learning device for the understudies. Hardware was sourced from radio station 7HO and different administrations. The studio was set up and worked for around 11.5 years at the school. Amid the initial 5 years it was worked exclusively by understudies under the supervision of Peter Johnston with the consolation and occasiol investment of then Principal – now Station Mager – Rod Gray.

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