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Era FM

Era Fm is focused to beautiful and alluring playlists has created a place of its own among the heart and soul of all the radio lovers of Malaysia. Era Fm radio station was born first at 1st August, 1998. For all those who likes and admire beautiful music then they got no choice left but to be with Era Fm, as they are hard at work to find the good music, the music that will fill you with such a high level of musical pleasure that you will remember for a long run. Malaysia is a country with such a huge number of online radio listeners. As technology for broadcasting radio has been increased a lot so does the technology has been superior at Era Fm to deliver pure modern radio services right at the user’s door. Their devotion for best music has been paid off by the sheer number of listeners they have got regularly which is a huge number of loyal listeners of about four million each day.
Vision: The vision of Era Fm is clear and that’s to become the Number 1 Hit radio station of Malaysia.
Programs: Being the number one radio station is not an simple task to accomplish. Along with initiatives it needs great programs too. Era Fm is no exception in that regard, some of their popular programs are as follow:

Morning Johara ERA
Music ERAthon (10-1)
Music ERAthon (1-4)
Show Features
Meletop 40 ERA
Dance ERA
Performing ERA

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