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Capital FM107

Capital FM107

Capital FM107

Capital FM107 is usually a Ni-Vanuatu owned or operated business oriented radio station set up in 2007 in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

We have been successful becoming Vanuatu’s NO1 FM Hit Radio Station.
…a few facts related to FM107:
• NO 1 FM channel in Port Vila, Santo, Tanna and Outer Islands
• 24/7 Live in Vanuatu and on the web
• High Vitality Radio
• 3 Countrywide Languages: English, French & Bislama
• Outstanding Coverage
• Most popular Radio Personalities
• Wackiest Special offers and competitive events
• Interchanging every week theme days
• News and Current affairs on the Time – Weekdays
• Vanuatu String Band marketer – Our Musical Traditions
• Outstanding in its generate to inform, educate and charm Vanuatu

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