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Cairns FM

Cairns FM

Cairns FM

As Cairns’ first radio station to communicate on the FM band, we at first went to air in February 1985, after five years of moving in the direction of a Community Radio permit, by a gathering of aficionados who began the Cairns FM Broadcasting Society. The fundamental thought of the new station was to communicate numerous kinds of music – the kind of music that was not heard on other radio stations locally. At the point when the permit was without a doubt, a fused body must be shaped to run the station. Subsequently, the general public was twisted up, and was supplanted by a joined body, Cairns Community Broadcasters Inc, which has worked the station now for over 17 years, through its fundamentally volunteer staff. Cairns Fm 89.1 is controlled by volunteers, and has cut a specialty in the telecom life of Cairns and region.

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