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Bet Fratellooo

Bet Fratellooo

Bet Fratellooo

RADIO BET, the main private radio station in the district of Gradacac. In particular, our radio is in brief time achieved the highest point of the rankings in most listened-recurrence district. Toward the beginning of August 2011th Bet the radio program is communicated over the web stream and following two months, in particular 01.10.2011. he started broadcasting by means of FM frequencies 99.9 and 100.2 MHz. Step by step, Bet Fratello radio accomplishes higher appraisals. We will probably accomplish an association with his group of onlookers both at home and in the Diaspora to give them an administration for all the data, yet in addition for excitement. Beth Fratello worked in the expected period to do everything to achieve their audience members bring news, amusement and everything else that is fascinating to our audience members.

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