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Bangladesh Betar FM

Bangladesh Betar FM

Bangladesh Betar FM

Bangladesh Betar, the national radio community has been discharging the honourous obligation of disseminating information, education, entertainment with highest commitment, integrity and objectivity for about seven decades. It features to support nation building efforts of the Government upholding social values and the countries rich historical and social heritage. Betar has been playing a critical role towards developing a knowledge based information society taking advantage of its unique and distinctive capacity as the most affordable and most versatile medium to reach to the grass root level. Betar with the help of 15 medium wave, 2 short wave and 10 FM transmitters has the strongest logistic network reaching around the breadth and length of the national boundary and beyond. Apart from the central News Desk, spewing out hourly bulletins integrating latest national and international events, Betar as a true public service broadcasting medium has been propagating programmers and news from its 71 studios round the clock reflecting national demands through 11 stations and 6 units namely External Service, Transcription Service, Business Service, Population -Health & Nutrition Cell, Traffic Channel and Farm Broadcasting.

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