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Abdulmohsen Al-Qasim

Abdulmohsen Al-Qasim

Abdulmohsen Al-Qasim

Abdul Muhsin al Qasim is conceived in the city of Makkah, in 1388 Hijrah, Sheik Abdul Muhsin al Qasim experienced childhood in under the shade of Islamic learning because of the contribution of his dad’s and granddad’s in academic gatherings. The Sheik remembered the Qur’an and turned into an understudy of learning at an extremely youthful age. He considered under noticeable Shuyookh, which incorporate Sheik Abdullah canister Humaid Rahimahullah, Abdul-Aziz receptacle Abd-Allah container Baz Rahimahullah, Sheik Salih canister Ali A Nasir Rahimahullah and Sheik Al-Muhaddith Abdullah As-Sa’d. The Sheik is a recognized Qari, a shrewd judge, a smooth khateeb, and a man surely understood for his modest character, and astuteness in learning.

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