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97.5 WQBE-FM

97.5 WQBE-FM

97.5 WQBE-FM

97.5 WQBE-FM is one in every of 2 Charleston, West Virginia Country FM radio stations. WQBE is owned by urban center company of Bristol, Virginia, with a “twin” station WXBQ-FM in this space. WQBE conjointly has another “twin” station WKYQ-FM in town, Kentucky, conjointly owned by urban center Broadcasting. WQBE broadcasts with associate ERP of fifty,000 watts. WQBE is that the leader within the Arbitron rations in the Charleston Metropolitan applied mathematics space. in line with urban center Broadcasting Company’s web site, WQBE’s listening audience is robust within the eighteen to forty nine (male and female), and twenty five to fifty four (male and female) demographic ranges.With the online directory at All Live Radio, you can search through thousands of radio stations by country, by genre or even by DJ names to find stations that you may want to listen to.

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