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2RRR - FM 88.5

2RRR – FM 88.5

2RRR - FM 88.5

Station history in the first place To reliably follow the historical backdrop of 2RRR – FM 88.5, you should draw a course of events starting in 1972 with the race of the Whitlam government. This race encouraged the introduction of network radio, as the administration called for open telecom tenders. In the resulting Fraser years, the medium developed, though gradually, and by the mid-1980s there was a plenty of open radio stations in Australia, basically in Sydney and Melbourne. 2RRR was the brainchild of a couple of nearby occupants; Jane Gray, Sheila Swain and the late Hunters Hill Alderman Moira Baird. Jane Gray was Ryde’s Community Information Librarian and an official individual from the Ryde-Hunters Hill Health and Welfare Services Co-ordinating Committee.

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