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Moreton Bay Region’s 101.5FM communicates from studios in the core of the Caboolture, (in the Town Square), 24hrs per day, 7 days seven days. Your nearby radio station has a full network broadcasting permit so it’s controlled by our locale – for our locale. This implies it can program the most extensive conceivable assortment of program to genuinely mirror the decent variety of tastes and interests of The Moreton Bay Region’s inhabitants. As a ‘Network Broadcaster’ 101.5fm depends upon the solid help of nearby members who meet up to offer a remarkable, parochial perspective of life in our neighborhood district. Caboolture is perceived by the Queensland government as a key regiol center point. The Queensland government’s South East Queensland Regiol Plan 2005 – 2026 recognizes Caboolture-Morayfield as a Principle Activity Center.

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